100 Mile House

by 100 Mile House

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skexsis As far as picking a favorite track it was hard since all are really great. A haunting melodic sound that is like a combination of early REM and Carolina Liar. An incredible new indie band to follow. I am excited to hear more from this band and find out what directions they take with their sound. Favorite track: Two Stars.
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Recorded in a house in Provo Fall 2014.


released March 6, 2015

100 Mile House was:
Ethan Davis
Greg Denton
Josh Lambert
and most of the time,
Caleb Barton

All songs written and recorded by 100 Mile House.
Mixed by Greg Denton.



all rights reserved


100 Mile House Provo, Utah

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Track Name: The Runner
You just run from everything
you don’t look back, you just leave the sting
and it still hurts to see what you’ve become
instead of facing fears, you just turn and run

I can’t understand
what’s going through your head every now and then

Those new shoes will carry you
away from all your problems and your old life
I think those shoes are getting loose
‘cause everything you touch seems to get abused

Hurry up ‘cause we’re all moving fast
and only nice guys finish last

You’re not nice
just slow
Track Name: Two Stars
I used to be afraid of what would happen
but I know it isn’t real

When I was young I was a night owl
staying up at night waiting for the sun to blow out
I’ve seen the world, there’s so much out there
if it’s true what they say, then to die would be a great adventure

Now I think it’s time I let you sleep at night
I think about you when I’m alone
I know it’s stupid, but you’re still in every dream
so I have to let you go

I’ll get a room for two tonight
so I can lay alone

And if you happen to lose sleep
at least it won’t be over me

When I was young I was an outcast
staying up at night waiting for the world to go off track
But I realize that I just wanted company
and now I know that thoughts of you are not very comforting

Let this keep you up at night
Let this keep you up tonight
Track Name: Porch Swing Waltz
Come back to broken bones
a fire swept in my home
I can’t take back these mistakes
or wrap them in paper mache

I can’t think that I could be wrong
and you’re so scared that I’m right
I don’t know why it’s so hard to say goodbye
it’s only an idea I’m leaving behind

Come back
Track Name: Provo 100
Looking back, I think I’ve been here before
but I’m not eighteen standing judgment in your contest
trapped in your scene

Remember, those high school trophies
end up in the basement of your parents’ house
dusty and broken
in cardboard boxes
full of memories
easy to forget

Keep your parties
I’ll keep my Friday nights
I’d rather stay home
surrounded by all of those people
you’re still alone

Will you remember all the things you did in this town?
Track Name: Bug Collections
We were close back then—more like brothers than friends
but the things that we obtained pushed us apart

I knew where you stood
you stood were I would
The accomplishments we gained pushed us apart

No matter what I say everything goes away
No matter what I gain it will all go away

You think that I’ve changed
I know I’m the same
We let what’s in our minds defeat our hearts

Take what I’ve made, take it all away
Can I let go of what I’ve gained?
Take what you’ve made, take it all away
Can you let go of what you’ve gained?

We were close back then
more like brothers than friends
but the things that we obtained
will turn to dust